Yes, You Should Photograph Your Invitations

The “flat lay” of your invitations and other stationery is a really beautiful detail shot that can be made even more special with additional props.

The truth is, the paper might get lost or fade with time and the whole set doesn’t frame well. These shots of all the details will make for a nice framed spot on the shelf and a keepsake for years to come.

So don’t forget to pack your stationery (better yet, give it to your coordinator or planner!) and discuss the photo details and styling aspects before hand. Ribbon, ring boxes, delicate trays or unique and couple-specific trinkets will only make it that much better.

For example, planning a NYC wedding? How about a mini toy taxi? Or a winter wedding? Pinecones, anyone? A Harry Potter wand, maybe? Vintage stamps, fabric and metal scissors all work as well.

The florist will also come with some loose florals to accent the flat lay, which can really add some nice texture and complimenting or contrasting color.

What’s your favorite part of a flat lay? What details would you include?

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