Frequently Asked Questions 

01. how far in advance should we be looking to engage a planner/designer?

You should look to select a wedding planner about 18 months in advance of your desired date. Venues begin to reserve dates around 14 months in advance. Vendors such as photographers and entertainment begin booking out a year in advance. A planner should begin your venue search process as early as possible! That's not to say a wonderful wedding can't be planned in less time (our record for fastest planning is 3 months).

02. does ness events typically assist with venue search?

Yes, we do. This is because there are elements of planning and design that are greatly impacted by the venue chosen. You'll want a planners expertise with the venue search. 

03. does ness events have a minimum investment or budget?

The answer to this question depends on many of the details. The short answer is that we typically work with wedding budgets that can invest at least $2,000+ per guest. We charge a percentage of an overall budget with a minimum fee. 

04. what does a full-service wedding planner do?

This is a question that is hard to answer in a text box. The short answer is that we are advocates, investment managers, vendor relationship architects, therapists, expert guidance providers and confidants. The long answer involves taking you through the tedious process of planning one of the largest events in your life with a calm and assured ease. We are the most important vendor to your wedding day and we spend the most hours on your wedding versus any other vendor.

05. does ness events offer event management ("day-Of or month-of")

We used to! We no longer offer this service. Ness Events now focuses solely on full planning and design for our couples, allowing us to truly create an immersive and unique experience, presenting a couple with dedicated and full service attention.

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