We see it as an honor to work on your one, very important day. That's why our boutique team engages a limited number of weddings per year. We spend over 400 hours thoughtfully planning, and designing every last detail of your wedding weekend using what we've learned over many years and countless weddings. The beauty of only taking on a limited number of events is that we can provided dedicated and high touch service and also have time to form a more personal connection with you. Below is a bit more about us, so you can get to know us too!

Here to bring your once-in-a-lifetime celebration to life

Ness Mcgovern events is a Full Service Event Planning and design firm

I was sitting at my cubicle helping my colleague plan her 2015 wedding. I asked her "could I become a wedding planner?" We laughed! After working in accounting for 10+ years, it was a big change but at the same time, not at all. The skills I utilized in the client-facing and deadline-based corporate world translate well.

I'm a rule-follower and a fast-paced thinker. Finding solutions in a pinch is my strong suit. Logistics might as well be my love language. I’m known for handling challenging situations with a relaxed demeanor and a smile. I've taken art classes almost my whole life. Part of my personality is based entirely on everything being visually centered. My husband will tell you that I refer to specific shades of colors. For example, red is not just red, its brick, scarlet, tomato, blood orange and so on. 

All of these traits mean that I am able to provide my couples with a full-service experience that seamlessly incorporates an effortless and tailored design. It’s incredibly fulfilling and sometimes I do have to pinch myself.

When I’m not dreaming up color stories or calling vendors, you can find me booking an Italian beach vacation, enjoying a coconut milk latte, smiling at dogs on the street (as if they are going to smile back), and either over-dressed or dressed entirely in black. You'll find me in northern New Jersey where I live with my husband, Joe, our son, Jack, and our dachshund-yorkie mix, Bear. 

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Finding the right planner is paramount, how do you know if I'm right for you? Read on.

— charles eames

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The details

Authentic Design Stories

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Taking on a select number of weddings and couples who value design

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Ness went full-time and hired a team member. We had 25 weddings that year.

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The company kicked off in mid-2021 with two weddings

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Ness had her own wedding and began assisting other planners

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Successful Wedding and Event Design is Rooted in Intentional Details and Unique Design Stories.

We believe

OUR PHILOSOPHY and design approach

Successful wedding and event design is rooted in intentional details and unique design stories.

We believe everything from the florals, to the linens, to your wardrobes, to the cuisine, all have a part to play in telling the story of your wedding or event.

Experiences are in the details.

We believe

OUR PHILOSOPHY and design approach

You love style over trends. You have a discerning eye and appreciate an elevated and tailored design. You're easy-going like us, but know it takes a certain drive and expertise to execute a vision. You value the expert guidance of a seasoned professional who can take your vision and translate into a romantic, immersive and striking guest experience. You recognize that what makes an event memorable, is the people involved, the emotion in the air and a certain je ne sais quoi.

We know that every couple has a unique story that is waiting to be told.

our clients relish in the details and know the true meaning of vision

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