Backyard Weddings in New Jersey

COVID has resulted in a big uptick of outdoor and backyard weddings. The beautiful thing about that, is it allows so much room for customization. You want specific plates? Easy. You want a certain string light? Here ya go! You want a specific configuration with mixed size tables and mixed tablecloths? So easy! It’s literally a blank canvas to do with what you want. You also might have the opportunity to get married in your childhood home and get dressed in your old bedroom, if that’s you thing!

Here are some tips when planning a backyard wedding:

1. See what your insurance covers and consider getting specific coverage for the event. Having drinking on your property for a bunch of people will be a blast but comes with its own risks.

2. Bring in bathrooms! I wouldn’t even consider having guests use any house bathrooms. You can rent a big trailer with fancy bathrooms that are even air conditioned! And you can dress up the outside with florals and greenery. Ask the company if they have ADA compliant bathrooms if that is something you may need.

3. In addition to you outdoor reception tented space, you will likely need a smaller tent for the catering setup, consider having it on the side of the house (with covered access to the reception area) or behind the stage where it can’t be seen. Another option is having the catering setup in a garage.

4. Tents have come a long way, there are clear, colored and opaque tents now, most of which have removable wall panels that can be arranged to hide certain things (like that catering tent) or removed to allow complete open air. A clear tent in particular is incredibly romantic, you can see the stars!! Sail cloths tents are absolutely stunning, but more expensive.

5. Consider having an off-site after party or other reason to make sure guests leave your house by a certain time! Some guests may be inclined to hang around and that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

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