5 Tips When Choosing a Wedding Venue

The venue is typically the biggest budget line item in a wedding and really sets the tone for the event. What each venue offers differs widely. Here are some things to consider:

Chandelier Wedding Venue
  1. A venue that already has beautifully manicured grounds like a garden or park has the potential to allow you to spend less on making the venue more beautiful ie less flowers or less decor needed to create the desired atmosphere.
  2. Have a favorite restaurant? Have you considered having your reception at said restaurant? You really can’t beat great food and it will be a unique experience outside of the typical banquet hall or cookie cutter wedding venue.
  3. Further, if a venue is beautiful, has great food and offers a venue coordinator – that’s a few boxes you can check off easily without needing to hire other vendors. Look for venues that offer the whole package!
  4. Many established wedding venues come with preferred vendors which also helps you with wedding planning
  5. Alternatively, a raw blank space allows you to customize everything to your exact wants and needs but it will generally mean markups from all your vendors as a blank space often means more equipment, more help, and more alterations.

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