Stationery – Do’s and Don’ts

I say this often: There are no rules. It’s your wedding! It’s your event! You can do whatever you want. But in some cases, there is etiquette. Which, many times, serves more as a courtesy than a hard and fast rule.

  1. DO align your stationery with your overarching theme, design and color palette! Do you want gold sequin table clothes? Ok, it might be cool if your stationery is all gold foiled to mirror that.
  2. DON’T stress the wording. I see couples get tripped up on the wording often, especially when they are concerned over addressing who is paying for the wedding. Honestly, if your parents MUST have everyone know that they are throwing the wedding — can I give you a tip? You can make 10 invitations just for your parents and close family that say “my parents request your attendance” and the rest don’t need to say that! (Shhhh it’ll be our little secret) The rest can leave out that wording all together and just start with “please join us” and we can all pretend that “together with their parents” doesn’t exist. I’m just saying, there is options and strategy. Yes, STRATEGY. Is my finance background showing? I WANT TO ADD that this situation is perfect for having hired a wedding planner. Want a specific wording but don’t want to tell your Dad he’s not getting the wording he wants? The wedding planner can help address it without all the emotion attached. Or worst case (we never condone this) you blame it on us!
  3. DO make sure your links are listed, accurate and live. The worst thing is for it to be a week before your wedding and your website still says “we’re working on the details of the day” or it’s the wrong link.
  4. DON’T do what I did when I got married, and think hand-canceling is not necessary. Those inserts are precious! A wedding planner can even take care of the invitations, packing and hand-canceling themselves.

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