Getting Started: Your Guest Count

For the first part in our series on “How To Get Started With Planning Your Wedding,” let’s talk about one of the crucial considerations when it comes to taking those first steps: the size of your guest list.

How many people you plan to invite to your wedding is the biggest driver of the types of venues you will want to visit and tour. Your venue and its availability also directly impacts your wedding date. A venue that accommodates 100 people versus one that accommodates 500 people will be very different in atmosphere and logistics. In addition, 100 people in your family homes’ backyard versus 500 really impacts logistics when it comes to planning the space, as well as bringing in all the necessary rentals. Quite obviously, the investment for a 100 person wedding versus a 500 person wedding will likely look different too.

Not only should you consider the number of people, but also the the types of people you’ll be inviting.

Will you be inviting mostly family? Or will there be many friends or work colleagues or business partners too. Would your invitees be likely willing to travel? Is anyone older and has difficulty getting around? Will there be kids who you might not want around the water feature? Is there an elevator for any guests that may need it?

Your headcount will also influence the layout of your spaces later in the process! Ceremony in the round? Long tables? Round tables? How many people will fit comfortably in that space with your desired layout? Are you thinking seated dinner or cocktail style standing reception with lounge areas?

There is a lot to unpack and consider here. We guide all our full planning and design couples through these considerations as part of our initial conversations.

How many people are you planning to invite to your wedding?

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