Picking Your Wedding Party

Wedding party’s (bridesmaids, groomsmen, grooms ladies, bridesmen) are always a fun way to include your closest friends and family in your wedding. Long gone are the days of same-sex sides and even numbers as it’s more about having those closest to you be included versus having it completely symmetrical or traditionally gendered.

Picking your wedding party doesn’t have to be stressful. It’s common to include siblings and best friends. If you’re not including someone who might have expected to be included, it’s best to have a conversation about that early on in the planning process. Some simple etiquette here: 

  • If you have a large friend group that you are all equally close with, perhaps ask each person in that group if they want to be in the wedding party, explain that you don’t think you can include everyone and if they don’t want to buy the outfit or can’t take on the mental load of helping, then they have an out. Communication and expectation management is key. Don’t assume, have the conversation.
  • Include all your siblings or none of your siblings. With the exception of any really bad blood, there’s no real reason to leave one sibling out otherwise. Picking and choosing certain siblings will inevitably lead to offenses taken.
  • When it comes to sibling-in-laws, just make sure the sibling is in the wedding party before you ask the siblings partner to be in the wedding party! Consider if all in-laws may want to be involved or if you are more close with one than another that its clear that’s why.
  • The size of your wedding party should generally correlate with the size of your wedding. Although, we are seeing wedding parties less and less at all as many couples choose to really focus the day on themselves. It also means you don’t need to coordinate hair and makeup for a party of 10 or have formal wedding party pictures while wrangling groomsmen for an hour of photos. Not having a wedding party doesn’t mean you still can’t have a shower, or bachelor/bachelorette and celebrate with your friends!
  • Readers and ushers are largely reserved for Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Godparents and other close family. 

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As always, thank your wedding party for being there for you on your wedding day <3

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