NEWLY ENGAGED? Here are some tips!

Congratulations! Take some time and enjoy it!!! You don’t need to jump into wedding planning! When people inevitably ask “when! where!?” have that templated response, “We’re just enjoying each other and our time right now!”

But when you’re ready, I’ve got some quick tips to get you started in the right direction with planning your wedding:

1. Set your budget! Have those conversations about money with you partner and with your families. If your future in-laws won’t take off for a Thursday wedding or if your Mom wants a huge party, you should know that before hand. Expectation management is key here 🙂

2. It’s your day! There are no rules, you should do whatever the EFF you want for your wedding day. Start talking about what you and your partner envision the day to be. Is it light and airy? Is it dark and moody? Is it clean whites or bright jewel tones?

Thinking you might need some additional help? We offer all types of wedding planning assistance. We help busy couples break down wedding planning so that they can enjoy their engagement! Our goal is to free you up to stress less and love more. We offer:

1. Wedding Management: We come in and take over vendor communication about 6 weeks out from your wedding. We create a detailed timeline of the event day for you and communicate it to all the vendors. We’re also on site with you the entire day making sure vendors know where to be and that Cousin Greg doesn’t say something inappropriate.

2. Partial Planning: Need more guidance? Let’s add monthly check-in meetings in addition to everything above. You can also add on design services.

3. Full Planning: Our speciality! You get the full service, red-carpet, white glove experience. We’ll pre-select vendors based on your preferences, attend meetings with you or on your behalf, help manage your budget, design all the aesthetics, you won’t have to worry about a thing!

Let’s talk about what we can help with! 2022 dates are going fast and 2023 is open so book your free initial consultation to chat about your needs at the link in our bio.

Was this helpful? Are you ready to stress less? Comment below! And schedule a free consultation here:

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