What is a Fine Art Wedding Aesthetic?

Fine Art Wedding

Fine Art: Defined

In my time in wedding design, I’ve been drawn most strongly to ornate details, historical venues and old-world architecture. That led me to developing a true appreciation for fine art and the fine art wedding. One of my couples had a wedding design entirely inspired by dutch master and impressionist paintings. The design was full of fruit, candelabras, velvets, textures, rich colors and patterns. Designing that wedding was the closest moment I can pinpoint to identifying and following in love with the fine art aesthetic. So, what exactly is “fine art?”

Fine art is defined as “creative art whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content.” Typically associated with film photography where images can often stand alone as a piece of art, fine art has in recent years, extended past photography into the broader spectrum of fine art weddings.

A fine art wedding to me, celebrates beauty in its purest form. Personally, I approach wedding design as an art form, carefully considering the color theory, the textures, and the overall composition of your wedding to create designs that go beyond an aesthetic beauty; I strive to create designs that are full of intention, emotion, and thoughtfulness in every curated detail.

What Fine Art says About the Couple on their Wedding Day

If you’re a couple looking for a fine art aesthetic for your wedding, you are typically stylish, appreciate fashion, beauty and have an artistic vision. I believe however, a fine art wedding is for anyone who can appreciate the curated and finer details.

The Fine Art Details

The finer details are the foundation of your wedding design. A fine art color palette is traditionally simple and organic — think muted pastels and earthy tones. I sometimes like to play with this and throw in some brighter colors for a twist. Textures often play off the architecture of your chosen venue, whether it be stone, brick, wood, or marble. Same with shapes, arched doorways and arched menus look great together. These stronger textural elements are often balanced with softer textile choices — romantic silk fabrics or hand-dyed fine linens provide a beautiful juxtaposition. A fine art florist will incorporate unique foliage, creating designs that are less structured, but effortlessly raw and organic in style, often with fruit and vegetables. Stationery elements will often incorporate hand-made paper goods, complete with calligraphy and a custom sketch of your venue, or a bespoke wax monogram seal.

The complete design of a fine art wedding is often timeless and sophisticated, with every modern element perfectly balanced with its classic counterpart. Every detail is creatively assembled, and feels like an extension of your art piece — intentional and cohesive in conveying your overall story.

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Fine Art Wedding

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