3 Tips to Avoiding Wedding Planning Overwhelm


Wedding planning requires so much communication between a lot of different vendors. A great way to make sure that this communication doesn’t get lost in the shuffle is to make a specific email address for wedding planning that both you and your fiance have access to. This creates a single centralized-location for your wedding planning communication so that nothing gets lost in the volume in either of your everyday inboxes.

If you love things to be tidy, you can then take it a step further and make folders for every element of planning – an RSVP folder, budget folder, design folder, etc., so you can always find the information you’re looking for easily.


Your engagement should be fun! So, let’s make wedding planning fun too! To make sure that you get your wedding tasks done, make regular wedding planning dates with your fiance that actually sound like fun, not a chore.

Put on a wedding playlist, pop a bottle of champagne, make a yummy charcuterie board and pull out the guest list! Having a regular date night like this will make sure you stay on track and that your planning tasks don’t all pile up.


Though a full-service wedding planning and design firm like ours requires a higher financial investment than a wedding coordinator or some other wedding planners, hiring a full-service team is the one fool-proof method to help ensure you will have as little stress as possible during the planning process. Want to learn exactly what we handle differently than other planners? Check out our post on full-service planners.

Your to-do list becomes our to-do list, as we handle/manage/facilitate everything from vendor research, outreach, and communication, to design and everything in-between. Though we’d love to handle every task for our clients, there are a few tasks that we simply can’t do, such as generating a guest list or creating a seating chart. Once we’ve handled all the heavy lifting, the above tips help mediate stress for the few remaining tasks on your list.

We think everyone deserves to actually enjoy their engagement and get to dream of their wedding day without drowning in the details! We hope that the above tips help you manage those tasks as you begin your planning process.

Ness McGovern Events & Design is New-Jersey based wedding planning company, specializing in full-planning and design services, we service New Jersey, New York City and up and down the northeast coast. We’ve had the pleasure of guiding couples through wedding planning in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and New York City, Vermont, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island.

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