Your Wedding Tasting: What To Be Prepared For

Typically, your first tasting would happen 1-2 months before your wedding as a means to finalizing the menu with your venue. Sometimes, and especially if you’re bringing a caterer into a raw or tented space, you may do a tasting as part of your decision making process for a caterer. They will let you know how many places are included at the tasting and there is usually an option to have more participants, if desired.

Let’s talk about a few things to keep in mind when preparing for your tasting. Generally the caterer will send a menu beforehand and you’ll pick what you would like to taste. They’ll likely provide you a menu or list of the items you’ve chosen at your table on the day of the tasting.

  • The most important thing is that you show up hungry!
  • Take photos of every dish (you will forget what you ate and maybe what it looked like)
  • If you want specific wine, tell the caterer! Or ask if you can bring it yourself.
  • Tasting portions are important but your caterer should show you the presentation of the entire dish too.
  • If you can’t pick a first course, move on to the main. If you can pick a main, the first course choice may become clear!
  • When looking at desserts, keep in mind what your cake flavor may be! (Probably don’t want to be all vanilla or all chocolate). A nice idea too, is if you’re really into two desserts, the caterer might be able to prepare both and alternate them at each table.
  • Take notes during your tasting!!
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Questions To Ask At A Tasting

  • Is the team preparing the tasting the team who will be on site at our wedding?
  • Where do you source your food from?
  • What is the server to guest ratio?
  • How will the food be placed at the table? (All at once, 3 tables at a time, individual plates, family style etc)
  • Have you worked at the venue before? (for out of house caterers). If they have not, it’s important to schedule a walkthrough of the space to see the kitchen and understand the logistics of moving food in the space (ie how far is the kitchen from where guests will be served).

What other tasting-related questions might you have? We’ll be doing a post in the future on what to look for in a caterer for out of house events soon!

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