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We’re a New Jersey Wedding Planning Company with a focus on full service planning and design. We love helping couples plan a wedding that is not only fun and exactly what they want, but also visually beautiful. Centerpieces are central to the design of wedding space! Did you know that the shape of the table influences the type of centerpiece you should use? One option is to mix table types and centerpieces of different heights and forms, but all in the same theme. Let’s talk about the standard types of table shapes and what florals we might recommend to do with them.

Table Types

Long rectangle tables are a great opportunity to have a long garland, a row of several small floral arrangements or a cascading centerpiece. Guests are usually not seated on the ends of a rectangle table and generally the table photographs very well. One tall centerpiece would look lonely on a long rectangle table or oblong table.

Conversely, if you have round tables, a single tall or low focal point in the center of the table is the natural choice. Guests are seated around the entirety of the table. This is the most common table used and supplied by venues.

Recently, we’ve seen oblong and oval tables used more often. Which allow the opportunity for a garland type centerpiece with guests seated around the entirety of the table.

There are special order rental tables of all different sizes to consider as well. If you want something different from the norm, there are curved tables, “wavy” tables and semi-circle tables.

New Jersey Wedding Planner

Did we make you think about new ways to switch up your reception space? And play with florals? Do you prefer round of rectangle tables in a reception space? Drop us a comment below!

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