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Have you always dreamed of an elegant outdoor wedding? Maybe overlooking a breathtaking park but worry about shielding your guests from the elements? Or maybe your heart is set on a garden reception at your family home where there isn’t a structure readily available. A tented wedding might just be your answer. We’ve planned many New Jersey Tented Weddings.

We adore tented weddings. That being said, tented receptions are far more complicated than their non-tented counterparts and come with their own unique set of logistical challenges.

There are a multitude of ways a tent can transform your reception into a breathtaking and inviting wedding space. Like a blank canvas, tents allow your wedding vision to come to life without having to stay within the confines of what a venue typically offers.  


The guest experience with a tented wedding needs to be carefully attended to. In addition to the main tent, you’ll likely also need a kitchen tent to ensure catering is as close to guests as possible. We highly recommend tent flooring for the best and most stable tent experience. Time for setup of the tent and additional structures will add on to overall setup time. Heating and cooling systems should be evaluated based on the events time of year. Lighting and sound checks also be come very important. Bathroom access and pathways are also a large consideration.


At Ness McGovern Events & Design, we are experts in planning the logistics and design. We can offer the best tented wedding experience on your special day. We will help you choose the perfect wedding venue and tent for your celebration, incorporating your vision into every aspect of design and styling. 

Additionally, our years of experience will help you avoid costly mistakes and unexpected expenses. Those are all too common when planning a tented wedding. We handle all the logistics of producing tented wedding receptions. You can focus on enjoying your wedding day, stress-free. 

As your wedding partner, we ensure you will have a spectacular tented wedding experience that is tasteful and memorable for you and your guests. Please contact Ness Events to begin planning your tented wedding of a lifetime!

Ness McGovern Events & Design is New-Jersey based wedding planning company, specializing in full-planning and design services. We service New Jersey, New York City and up and down the northeast coast. We’ve had the pleasure of guiding couples through wedding planning in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and New York City, Vermont, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island.

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