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CREATE A WEDDING EMAIL Wedding planning requires so much communication between a lot of different vendors. A great way to make sure that this communication doesn’t get lost in the shuffle is to make a specific email address for wedding planning that both you and your fiance have access to. This creates a single centralized-location […]

Getting Started With Planning a Wedding, Wedding Planning Services

January 17, 2023

3 Tips to Avoiding Wedding Planning Overwhelm

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You just got engaged! You’re excited and ready to start planning! You’ve already decided that you need a planner’s help and expertise. A quick Google search results in a bunch of buzz-words that you’ve never heard, let alone considered: “Day-Of Coordination”, “Month-Of Coordination”, “Wedding Management”, “Full-Service Planning”, “Full-Service Planning and Design”. What does this mean […]

Getting Started With Planning a Wedding, newly engaged, Wedding Planning Services

January 14, 2023

What Does a “Full-Service” Wedding Planner Do?

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It’s your first day as a barista at Starbucks, you’ve been given a few days of training, you know how to make a latte and then somewhat walks in and asks for the secret off-menu “Samoa Frappuccino upside down”. Is that latte going to turn out great? Even the most experienced barista would have a […]

Getting Started With Planning a Wedding, newly engaged, Wedding Planning Services

January 10, 2023

Why “Day-of” Wedding Coordination Is Not Enough

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Recently, apart from the wedding and the rehearsal dinner, a third event has become a staple of many wedding weekends: the welcome party. Between planning a wedding, rehearsal dinner, and any other wedding weekend activities, there are a lot of details and decisions to manage. So why add more to the mix? Well, we’ve laid […]

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January 4, 2023

3 Reasons We Love a Wedding Weekend Welcome Party!

Wedding Weekend
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We get it, sometimes shopping is difficult! Need a gift for a couple recently engaged? Or last minute present ideas? We’ve gathered some incredibly gorgeous, chic and fun items to gift this year. Engagement Wine Tasting Box Bride2Bee Subscription Box A Custom Gift Box from “Box Fox” Monogram Handkerchief “36 Hours World” Book FaceGym Wedding […]

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December 11, 2022

Gift Ideas for Your Engaged Friends

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For our final piece on “Getting Started with Wedding Planning” we’re diving into your venue search.  Finding a venue can be quite a process. If you’ve been following along on this series, at this point you know the first steps are to decide on some key factors like guest count and what you’re willing to […]

Getting Started With Planning a Wedding

November 20, 2022

Getting Started: Your Wedding Venue

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Our next piece on “getting started with wedding planning” is to decide out how much you want to invest in this special day! There are many factors to consider here. We do assist full-planning couples with building a comprehensive itemized estimate. There are two major ways to go about putting together a budget. 1) You […]

Getting Started With Planning a Wedding

November 19, 2022

Getting Started: How Much To Invest

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For the first part in our series on “How To Get Started With Planning Your Wedding,” let’s talk about one of the crucial considerations when it comes to taking those first steps: the size of your guest list. How many people you plan to invite to your wedding is the biggest driver of the types […]

Getting Started With Planning a Wedding

November 18, 2022

Getting Started: Your Guest Count

Invitation Flat Lat
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Congratulations, you’re engaged! First and most importantly, set aside some time each week to really enjoy your engagement with your fiance. Date nights, yes, please. Whether you’re newly engaged or planning on using the holiday season to finally sit down and start planning your wedding, we are laying out the crucial first steps to getting […]

Getting Started With Planning a Wedding, Uncategorized

November 17, 2022

You’re Engaged! Here’s What To Do Next

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Maybe you are newly engaged or maybe you’re finally getting around to planning your wedding post-pandemic. We’d love to help you get started on creating a wedding that truly reflects you as a couple. We also know that wedding planning can seem overwhelming. We’re laying out the first 3 steps in getting started with wedding […]

Average Cost of Wedding Vendors in Northern New Jersey, New Jersey Wedding Planning, newly engaged

February 23, 2022

Wedding Planning: 3 Steps for Getting Started

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