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COVID has resulted in a big uptick of outdoor and backyard weddings. The beautiful thing about that, is it allows so much room for customization. You want specific plates? Easy. You want a certain string light? Here ya go! You want a specific configuration with mixed size tables and mixed tablecloths? So easy! It’s literally […]

Backyard Wedding, New Jersey Wedding Planner

September 4, 2021

Backyard Weddings in New Jersey

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The venue is typically the biggest budget line item in a wedding and really sets the tone for the event. What each venue offers differs widely. Here are some things to consider: A venue that already has beautifully manicured grounds like a garden or park has the potential to allow you to spend less on […]

New Jersey Wedding Planner, Wedding Venue Search

August 18, 2021

5 Tips When Choosing a Wedding Venue

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I say this often: There are no rules. It’s your wedding! It’s your event! You can do whatever you want. But in some cases, there is etiquette. Which, many times, serves more as a courtesy than a hard and fast rule. DO align your stationery with your overarching theme, design and color palette! Do you […]

New Jersey Wedding Planner, Stationery

August 18, 2021

Stationery – Do’s and Don’ts

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Welcome to Ness McGovern Events & Design! We’re a new wedding planning company founded to help plan and thoughtfully design weddings for our busy couples. Planning can be stressful. We make it so that you can relax and enjoy your big day! Our goal is to create and execute your vision while providing some comfort […]

New Jersey Wedding Planner

June 19, 2021

Why do you need a wedding planner?

New Jersey Wedding Planner

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