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Borden Estate is a venue that falls under the umbrella of venues with Revelry Cooperative. It’s an expansive property in Wallkill, NY that includes multiple ceremony sites and a charming stone house. It is a raw space venue where the majority of needs for a wedding need to be brought in, allowing you to truly […]

Backyard Wedding, Wedding Planning Services, Wedding Table Design, Wedding Venue Search

August 3, 2023

Real Wedding: Elegant Evening at Borden Estate

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One of the more affordable ways to dramatically transform a room is with lighting (and also maybe draping! but that’s another post for another time). There are several key types of lighting we would recommend for any space. Firstly, pin-spots. These are small lights placed on the edges or ceiling of the room that wash […]

Backyard Wedding, Lighting

June 17, 2022

Lighting Considerations: Wedding Planning 101

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COVID has resulted in a big uptick of outdoor and backyard weddings. The beautiful thing about that, is it allows so much room for customization. You want specific plates? Easy. You want a certain string light? Here ya go! You want a specific configuration with mixed size tables and mixed tablecloths? So easy! It’s literally […]

Backyard Wedding, New Jersey Wedding Planner

September 4, 2021

Backyard Weddings in New Jersey

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